EV Yoga

You're only as young as your spine is flexible


Quotes Erin's practice brings some wonderful & critical elements that can be difficult to find in the many yoga teachers & classes popping up everywhere. I found myself on my matt after a long, frantic day, fully present in her beautiful, restorative, yet challenging practice. Erin introduces many healing positions for all levels. Her practice helps to subtly activate your body, introducing an ever-evolving series of movements. Her technical understanding of yoga, the body and spine along with her beautiful teaching style (complete with humor & laughter) serves mind, body, and soul. It has been an honor to share moments with Erin as teacher in her wonderful classes. Namaste Erin. Quotes
long time yogi

Quotes I began my yoga journey about 8 years ago. I had been battling chronic hip and back pain when I first started yoga classes with Erin 2 years ago. Erin taught me therapeutic exercises that I had not learned previously in any other yoga class. These methods helped provide relief for me. I use these "go to" yoga positions regularly at home. Her classes are educational, healing and inspiring. I highly recommend Erin as a yoga instructor. Quotes
Lyn Cobb

Quotes Erin has helped me open up my hips. They used to be very tight. Now, I feel free. Thank you, Erin. Quotes
Jamaal LaFrance

Quotes Practicing yoga with Erin has not only helped me physically but mentally as well. In her class she has an amazing way of making you feel at ease and making sure you get the maximum benefit from your practice, both on and off the mat. I have seen my stress level decrease and my flexibility increase. She has taught me patience and brought a calmness and peace into my life that I never thought possible. Thank you EV! You are the best... Quotes
Amy Klutz
Manager, Client Services, San Diego Chargers

Quotes I am new to the practice of yoga and though I entered my journey with Erin with the objective of losing weight, it has transformed into being something entirely different. I didn't think that a series of movements could have any impact on my daily stresses. However, I now practice yoga as something that is more effective on my peace of mind than on my body. I am forever grateful to Erin for introducing me to this practice and improving my quality of life ... Namaste ... Quotes
Lisa Simmons
Director of San Diego Charger Girls

Quotes Erin is an amazing individual. She has taught a Type "A" how to focus, have patience and most importantly relax through deep meditation, stretching and breathing. After a stressful day she knows how to bring me back to center. I highly recommend Erin and all that she teaches. Quotes
Marc Roth
President and COO of EPIC Photos Photography

Quotes Erin's focus is not dedicated simply towards practicing Yoga, but towards helping people. The knowledge that she shares always has my best interests at heart, which is something that sets her apart from almost everyone I know, and puts me at ease anytime I'm around her. Quotes
Ben Christian
Client Services Manager, Kansas City Royals