EV Yoga

You're only as young as your spine is flexible

Reveal Your Inner Vibrancy..."By cutting away sorrow, the brilliant light of Self dawns."

 ~Patanjali's Yoga Sutras, India

Yoga for the Back

This class will focus on openings to release tightness and tension that is causing our back issues.  This is a guided practice that will strengthen and increase flexibility in areas like our hips, glutes, hamstrings, feet, all areas that affect our backs.  We only have this one spine, which I consider our internal universe.

Over time, yoga can effectively counteract the tightness and weak muscles that cause many types of back pain. Make sure to consult your doctor before trying yoga.

Suffer no more...pain, tension, stress release and rescue


This supported and conscious body/mind relaxation practice that relieves fatigue and stress, promotes well-being, and brings balance to your life. When supported with props, the body relaxes and opens, releasing tension and stored up toxins that can cause illness. Allow this class to assist you in exploring a joyful state of awakening to the beauty and light that reside inside your heart.

Sunrise Vinyasa

Allow yourself to settle into the morning.  Watching the sunrise over the mountains as we flow through asanas (poses) to strengthen and open the body, mind, breath and spirit for a new day.  Inviting a freshness to blanket over your being.  Each movement is guided with breath to increase flexibility, calmness and an open heart.  Creating energy in the mind and body to start our day...exploring and experiencing the goodness within us all and sharing it out into the world.  Rise and Shine to the beauty within you.

Hatha Fusion

This class will focus on movement with breath balancing both sides of the body.  Hatha Flow is a mix level class, inviting beginners to advanced practitioners.

Hatha comes from the Sanskrit language “ha" meaning sun, and “tha” meaning moon. The practice takes you on a journey to unite and balance both sides of the body: right/left, male/female, warming side/cooling side, rational/intuitive.  Hatha Yoga evens our imbalances, bringing unity and fusion between body, mind, breath and spirit. Through your yogic journey in this Hatha Flow class you will gain flexibility and strength, relieve tension and stress become more centered and aware of your complete and conscious being. Being present here and now...in this moment.  Let the rest go!


Yoga for Golfers

Swing into greater flexibility, feel the opening your body will receive and increase balance as well as a wakeful mind.

Through a series of asanas that will focus on a golfer's swing, balance and core as well as the mental game.   

Record your swing and document your range of motion before you begin a yoga practice and after a week or a month record your swing and notice the difference.